staple guns, chicken-head wine and zippers.

who knew craft night could be so much fun? me and my gal started our crafty adventures this afternoon at buffalo reuse's store ReSOURCE to find some window frames and other recycled hardware for future projects. then it was on to snatching up sushi, a few bottles of wine and starting the night with some good jams. we've had some crafty ideas we've been meaning to wrap up and tonight was the night. awhile back we had visited good ole jo-ann fabrics for some finishing touches to ideas-in-the-works, and while we were at it we found some new projects to add to the list, too.
tonight, i set out to create my long anticipated jewelry boards, made from ikea trivets and some simple cream, linen fabric. i finally got to use my staple gun, and boy did that feel good. then it was on to making flower pins out of zippers. all in a crafty-gals' day, er, night of work. ;)


the flower pin making was fun. i'll admit, i'm not sure if i'm quite the flower-pin-adorning type these days, but it was a fun challenge to create something out of zippers.

next project: sanding down the old window frames, affixing some hardware to make them hangable, and blowing up some of my shots to display behind them.

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