find your pulse.

My days of late have been void of sun (as you may have picked up in another one of my recent posts). Sun seems to have a magical effect on people. No, they don't grow taller or become He-Man--She-Ra for the ladies--strong, but they do grow smiles, and that's magic enough for me. (Magic, vitamin D, it's all the same.) So, when the sun decides to take a vacation during summer, faces fall, pleasant greetings drop to the gutter, and the living pulse around town falls flat. 

Exhibit A.

This morning brought a pleasant change. If you've ever lived in an old home, you know what it's like when your abode is straining, giving all of the power it has until it falls, slightly, flickering every light, rebooting, calling your attention for just that moment. As I stood in my hallway and looked to the spare bedroom I witnessed the outdoors doing just that: rebooting, regaining its pulse. Light. Dark. Dim. Light. Inhale. Exhale. Pause. Inhale. It's as if life were being blown into that room, then sucked back out. It began to breathe. An invigorating breeze woke the sheers and asked if they'd like to play. I couldn't get enough of it: morning breath, alfresco. Today, the air is more alive, the trees are dancing and life outside has regained its pulse. And so have I.

p.s. Plus, I had the best morning pony in the world (Please reference Exhibit A. above). Today is going to be one fine day.

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