Ramblings: Take One

As she approached her driver-side door, she noticed two gentlemen getting in the car sitting bumper to bumper with hers. Doors closed. Subaru vs. Honda. Honda vs. Subaru. Queue Western theme music. It was a 20th Century duel, sans guns. She wondered if they had received the same e-mail three years ago from Tree Hugger that explained why it was best for your car, the environment, and thus all mankind, to pull forward rather than reverse. They looked at her, she at them, and then after an awkward pause, they reversed.

Sweet victory! It was a small win, in a huge day that, up to this point, had only delivered defeat. She'd take it.

Then, while waited in the drive-thru of Starbucks, her car idled way too long completely reversing the good of her pull through. Putting her back to square one, and minus some, for slowly doing her part to smoke out the human race. It was a thought that made her sink as she waited, eyeing up the suit in the window wiping his chin of danish and the two purses pressed against the window revealing only the bobbing heads of their owners. But in the end, it really wasn't anything an iced Americano couldn't lift her out of...

Moral of the story: The good doesn't always outweigh the bad.