"saying it and doing it are two different things"

"Waiting" tea towel at skinnylaminx

"They say that life’s not about how many moments you breathe. But how many moments take your breath away."

Here I go again...So I was reading one blog that lead me to an Etsy shop, which then lead me to the Etsy shop owner's blog, which brought on the urge to research South Africa (because she's from Cape Town), and that is how I came across the above quote. I'd have to say it pretty much sums my outlook on life right up. I've tried to analyze it and dissect this craving in me. Maybe it's because I'm half Italian--they say Italians are passionate people--or maybe it's in the stars--Scorpios are passionate, intense and independent, among many other strong traits. Whatever it is, I'm glad to have it. I crave more out of life. More seeing, more doing. I'm already beginning to plan my next trip after Europe. Another thing I've always wanted to do is drive cross-country. For some reason I always assumed it was the thing you did when you graduated high school or, if you had over-protective parents, after you graduated college. Well, I've done both--the latter twice-- and although I've been to places on the other side of the country and in between, I've yet to drive from one side to the other. With that said, trip numero dos of my late 20s will be to do the country loop. Starting from Buffalo and heading out to the northwest. The trip back will involve swinging through Arizona and New Mexico and so on...

Not that everyone should want the same things--everyone needs to figure out what's best for them--but I will argue that this urge is something I think everyone should have in them. It, may be stronger for some and weaker in others, but I have to imagine everyone has a little bit of this desire to experience life to the fullest in them. And yes, the real world, the working-to-pay-the-bills-and-not-enough-time-to-play, does get in the way; however, that doesn't mean you have to stop dreaming, stop doing, stop seeing. What it means is that you just have to work that much harder to make it happen. That's where the depths of one's desire can make a difference. As I've mentioned time and time again, I am someone who needs balance: too much of one thing is a disaster waiting to happen in my life book. There are times when I daydream about dropping everything to be a hobo and trying my hand at odd jobs and living in new places, but I know after some time, its novelty would wear off and I'd start hyperventilating and wondering what the hell I'm really going to do with my life. Instead, I prefer to keep a stable job that allows me to learn something new each day, while having enough time to play and pursue other dreams while I live out the first one...and it's raining again, it's been raining way too much the past week. I swear, if it rains while I'm in the Adirondacks I'm going to be really disappointed; however, if it's going to rain, I'd rather be there than here...

Anyway, although it lives fiercely within me, sometimes its intensity boils down and that's when I get a good kick in the rear from something I read, see or from someone. So, I'm here to be that someone for you. Get your shit in gear, stop mopping around about what could have been and make it happen. I'm not saying drop everything and run, I'm merely saying to open your eyes a bit wider and see beyond the fist layer of life to the second and third: go out and touch that something that's been too far from your reach for far too long. Stop saying it, and start doing it.

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