teeny tale: whisked away

stepping outdoors, exposed, onto the emptied slab of asphalt, the blistery breeze welcomed her back to life with a swift burst, and a shove of assurance that it was right to move forward. every fragile piece of her became nature’s raw ingredients, to mix and swirl, to create what it wished. her tamed tousles were easy prey, pulled apart, played with, and set back in a merry mess atop her head. & she thought if only it were strong enough to pick her whole self up & whisk her away for playtime in a far distant land for a short while before returning her gently to the ground, back to reality, but with an overall head-in-the-clouds, gleeful sheen.


teeny tale: cosmic collision

he turned, arms outstretched, presenting his cupped hands before her. what do you have inside there? she asked. a whole lot of everything. it's my world; i want to share it with you. & with eyes sparkling like the brightest stars, she grabbed half of his "world" and enclosed it in half of hers. & it was the best cosmic collision they'd ever experienced.


teeny tale: live it up

she had been told many times to "live it up." but it wasn't until the day she dropped the moments that were had behind her, let the moments waiting to be had run free ahead & allowed the moment she was in to saturate the liquid life that ran inside her that she finally gave those words the meaning they deserved. & from that day on, her heart proclaimed its thanks for relieving the weight of the past and the pressure of the future; it was happiest pumping for the now.