I'm going to try something new: www.ziglets.tumblr.com

Tales, shorties and other thoughts that need punctuating will remain here.
Photos, inspriation and other visual creative will be posted to Tumblr.
It's cleaner and crisper, making it better suited for such.

Hope to see you there...

my really? rant

This print of whitie tighties (or tighty whities)
is $460. I find that absurd. 
My conclusion: typo. I'd say $4.60 is more like it.
Hmm, I wonder what a sketch of a tube sock would sell for...


getting ready.

It's happening this Friday: Sam Beam and I have a date. And in preparation, I'm listening to the Iron & Wine Pandora channel. No, it's not all I & W, I don't want to get burnt out, over saturated, drowned in the molasses that is his voice; I'd rather take slow drips of it instead. The other plus of this approach is that I get a taste of other ear-pleasing sounds, like this tune, "Horse In The Sky," by Chris and Thomas...

Okay, I couldn't help it...I had to post at least one...haven't heard this one in a while; such a pleasant surprise.

Happy hump day folks!