that's what all these photos are. time to be selective. time to start using words again. maybe time to introduce words to images. it could be a pretty union. maybe they'd get along well. maybe they'll fight like crazy. maybe they'll fight but have great make-up sex. or maybe they'll never fight only because they're too afraid to really get to know one another. so they walk through life side- by-side. sometimes bumping into each other, only to say "excuse me or "i'm sorry." too timid. too worried about getting too raw. too real. not knowing what they're giving up by not giving up enough. silence kills me. not knowing kills me. i hope my two passions can live together in a kind of deconstructive-constructive kind of way. build each other up. break each other down. and then become better because of it. and repeat. i guess we'll see how things go...

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