faded reverie

It’s been a very drab summer, uncharacteristically so. Today may be the first time I’ve seen the sun shining for more than 20 consecutive minutes this week: I believe it’s going on a few hours now. As the sun made its hesitant, mid-afternoon reveal, my music selection did a little quick-change in response: Noah and the Whale, M. Ward, Sea Wolf, Wilco, The Shins, Calexico & Iron & Wine, Arcade Fire and even Modest Mouse came to visit. Sun + Sweet-tea music = a delightful reverie:

Boy and girl speed down a tree-lined dirt road bike-bound. Untamed and unruly fields of grain fall steps behind the sweeping willows. Boy chases girl on bike. Girl chases boy back. Bikes drop in the field of tall grass and the two run clumsily toward a babbling brook. Boy pushes girl in water. Girl pushes back. Each wander knee deep. Splashing ensues until each fall completely in. Soaked head to toe, there’s no care for the clothes that are now completely drenched, and they laugh out loud. Bending over, water drips from the tips of the girl’s longest lock. The boy helps the girl navigate the stone-filled brook bottom, and with a weighted step they find the tall grass they had abandoned their wheels in. Hand in hand, they lie down, motionless and in silence to dry in smiles and sunshine.

Lauren Dukoff (again, I can't get enough of her shots)

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