a yearning for clicks.

it's beautiful right? not my shot, but one that makes my yearning for clicks grow deep into my belly. i'm literally hungry for shots. clicks. it was less than a year that i got my new easy-to-travel-with digital. it's proven itself in its ability to fit into small pockets. but it's lacking in clickiness. i hate the delay. i want a true click. the kind that could give you a callus, the kind that has all the audible pleasures of taking a shot: the raised button click and the snap of the shutter. i want to bring my 35 out of hibernation, even if i can't get instant gratification, even if i can't download the photos to store electronically. i crave the click. snap. snap. snappity snap. i want to grab that 35 fill it with film and hit the streets with a bag of extra canisters of film on deck for when i blast through the first roll. i want to shoot all day until my hand is stuck in that half clenched position, my index finger has a stunning indentation and i can't look at anything until first viewing it through a small rectangle. i want to climb trees and shoot the world from above. and lie face first in the newly sprung grass to capture the world from beneath. only to gradually grow taller, taking shots all the way up to view the world through the eyes i once had at 6, at 10, at 16 and from that point on (give or take an inch or so). even if just for a few hours, i want to view the world through just my right eye. i want to document a moment in time that once was the future and tomorrow will be the past, and for no one but me.

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