Dear Mother E.

From the day I arrived
You were there:
The strength beneath my feet
The comfort at my knees
Give in; push back;
Receive my each collapse
Protector, keeper of my every breath,
Your mood swings pick me up,
To knock me down again
“You are…
Stronger than me”

You turn grey; dampness consumed
I smile regardless;
Hinting a resemblance

It has made you volatile
I would be too
Every blow,
Proves one too many
Still giving,
Your soul remains kind

I could do more
Without you,
I would be nothing
Hardly thanked,
I thank you


Adam said...

I like the Thao Nguyen reference: her soul certianly is "stronger" than all of ours'... and much more giving.
But if we keep neglecting to take care of her, I fear her mood swings will become more damaging.
We are bad children...

Adam said...
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jpz said...

Since when have you been listening to Thao? I fear I've had you listening to that mix far more than I thought. hehe Kudos for picking up the reference ;)