new addiction: i can read

personification. it makes me giggle.


what haven't we done minchy? maybe tonight we could 28 while we 77. after dinner we could take a walk and 7. and then how about we 60 and 17, maybe even 4...? but if you want to 69, that would be okay, too. ;)

like it. love it.
not sure about #11 though. talking to people: yes.
talking to inanimate objects: hmm, no.

recently i've become intrigued by the world of Polaroids.
this was a winning words-meet-image combo for me.

i think that "unkown" should say "jpz."

visit i can read for some more enjoyable word/image play.

(i. just. can't. get. enough...you won't be able to either. sorry in advance.)


Adam said...

The only ones we haven't done yet:
22, 40, 41, and 74
Although, now that I think of it we kinda did 22 briefly at one point, and I almost set up a 74 for us...

jpz said...

we've totally thrown a frisbee together; maybe fished off the dock at camp, but def. need to do that for real; i'll wash yours if you wash mine; a carriage ride would be kinda cute; and I also thought that we've never sent each other candy, however, i don't think either of us would really want that anyway :D and to think that list left off some much other stuff we've done...