grocery store thoughts revisited and a few iLikes.

First of all, I have an update on my fascination with grocery stores: fascination has turned to disgust. In the past when I said how I enjoy going to Wegmans (the Mr. T of grocery stores) I should have just said I like to waste my time and money on things I don't need, while also saying that I like to be subconsciously guided like a rat in a maze through produce. In the past two days I have been to the grocery store (GS) twice. In the past month I've been avoiding Wegmans like the plague. So yes, I've been to the GS two times too many this week. The reason why I went back today was because I had forgotten items I meant to pick up the day before. Did you make a list? Of course I made a list, I'm the queen of making lists. Then what was it? Well, I'll tell you what it was: I was sucked into the Wegmans Wonderland. No, I didn't leave with extra items, but I WAS distracted. My main issue: the store is just too damn big! So many aisles lead me to get disoriented. The organization purposefully sucks so that you MUST go from one end of the stadium--seriously it's as big as a stadium--to the other, which is great for the exercise, but not great in helping me keep my head straight. And do you ever notice the smell they pump through the vents or the way they have brick or tile strategically placed so that you, slow down. If you haven't, try noticing where they place it. Like in the entrance of the store so as soon as you get in you're started at a slow pace, allowing you to conveniently gaze over the towering pyramids of Doritos, TP and detergent...you grab one out of three (mine was detergent...so maybe one extra item). Okay, maybe I am still fascinated with grocery stores, but my fascination has shifted from positive to cynical. The psychology behind the interior design of these food lands is quite interesting. Apparently to me, since I've just spent more time carping about it than I meant to. Time to move on...on to other things...

Things iLike:

1.) Getting things organized = IKEA

The virgin chalkboard.

A much needed trip to IKEA happened (another 2009 list item checked off...oh yeah!) this Saturday. Many items were purchased in the effort to become more organized and refresh the home front.

Magazine rack.
(My hate of excess paper has been calmed by this piece of metal.)

2.) Creating.

Chirp, chirp.
New fabric I pinned to hang in the kitchen as a trial run. Making new curtains will be my next "create" project.

3.) New 'dos.

I get bored. Hi bangs.

4.) Sleep.

g' night.

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