garbage day.

"garbage" was brought out to the curb today. i allowed one last look over for any salvageable pieces, anything to be recycled. my search came out negative. it's hard to throw away stuff you've had laying around for years, the kind you've grown an unhealthy attachment to only because you've been used to it being around; regardless of whether it was in plain sight or not...you knew it was still there. but with it all out in a bucket i know exactly where it is and where it's going. there's really no going back once it's gone. some things i'm already over loosing, others i'll sit on a little longer until i can no longer even recall a blurred out mental image of them.

i just hope i won't go rummaging through that bucket in the early darkness of the morning to save just one small memory from being discarded...

it wouldn't be worth it.

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