Praha means Prague means Pivo

Prague, or as I prefer to call it, Praha, is not only the "City of a Thousand Spires," it's also the city of a thousand mosaic walkways, and the city of thousands of beautifully architectured buildings. This place is mysterious: the place of dungeons and dragons. It's a place of legends: the ghost of this woman haunts these church walls, the spirit of that man guards this building. There's magic here, but it's not the Paris kind of magic, it's the darker kind. I'd absolutely love to be in this city for Halloween. The statues are expressive, and in a creepy kind of way: a cloaked character hovers over emaciated figures, a two-headed beast crushes its opponent, while a woman lays slain--her neck crooked to one side and her body disrobed. The buildings are colorful and ornate; the embellishments on each are unique. It's a city of fantasy. Besides the architecural awe of Praha, there's an appreciation of good beer and a plate of meat. Pork (particularly the kunckle of pork), sausage, rabbit, and duck are a big hit. And these people love their dumplings and cabbage. I've had my share and I'm ready to return to the land of tofu, sushi, legumes and other various veggies. At the same time, Pilsner Urquell is something I could get used to. Thier dark beer, Master, blew my tastebuds last night. And I'll also say this: Budweiser in Prague and Budweiser in the U.S. are not created equal. "Budweiser Bier," was founded in 1795 by German-speaking citizens of Budweis, a city in Southern Bohemia in the Czech Republic. Yeah, Praha is home to the original Bud, which is out of this world, while Anheuser-Busch's version is like watered down piss (sorry for the bluntness, but it's the truth). What else makes Prague, Prague? Well, the fashion, or lack there of, for one. This includes incredibly blunt haircuts and streaks of color: pink and red being the most popular. It's one of the more evolved cities I've visited on this European trip, which tends to remind me more of the states, something I was trying to get away from a bit. And I did in Florence and Venice. Although there is no city like Prague in the U.S., because of that I'm able to quickly get lost again in my thoughts after any brief comparative thought between it and the bigger cities in the states that I've traveled to.
I'm off to enjoy one last mystical night in Praha...

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