‘It was as if someone had coaxed the eyes out of Bambi and resettled them, half asleep, into a human face.’

Upon reading “Guy Walks into a Bar Car,” an essay by David Sedaris, one (that one being female), who had little background of Sedaris, would begin to imagine themselves as the girl on the train who had just broken up with her boyfriend (ex-boyfriend) and headed back to New York. While at the same time, would most likely be thinking how unexpected and adventurous Sedaris must be to write from the opposite sex’s point of view. It’s preconceived notions that lead to such thoughts. And it’s that which has the potential to give this story (and any other story for that matter which challenges our it’s-either-black-or-white way of thinking) a read that turns out to give more than one had expected to receive--once again giving another lesson on expectations.

Additional reading: Journey Into Night. I loved this one, too. Sedaris will be at UB this Thursday.

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