Let's get lost in Venice...

The cornstalk mazes of the West are no match for the narrow walkways that span Venice. It's enchanting. A playground for lovers. You wander, hoping to lose your way, only to discover some new nook and cranny: you care to get lost and look forward to it. A turn left. A turn right. Dead end. Over one bridge. Down one alleyway. Ah ha, a shortcut found. Breathe the sea air. Let go of your sense of urgency. No cars. No crosswalks. No bikes. No metros. Set your own pace or enjoy your neighbors. Limoncello. Moretti. Calamari fritti on a stick. Flat pizza. Open squares. Secret corners. Laundry hangs from windows. Salty breeze. The Canal Grande. Quaint. Cozy. Sunny. Quite the bella vista. Grazie. I hope to once again tiptoe around those stone corridors.

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