polaroid, i've fallen for you.

since i don't plan to get my hands on a real polaroid anytime soon, i've found something that will quench my thirst for it: poladroid. the thing i love about polaroids is how everything that spits out of them looks aged: your photo instantly becomes a product of the 70s. to get that effect i could forgo buying a polaroid and use various filters, layers of goldish yellows at a very low opacity, burn the edges, and such, but this application does it all. it's not as satisfying as taking real shots and waiting for the film to slowly develop in front of your eyes (although this app, does kind of do that on the screen, which is neat) but for now, this will do. i can't stop thinking about how unbelievable it would be to have a polaroid camera for the trip abroad...

Here are some of my shots poladroided and labeled in ps.

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