hypothesis unsupported.

H1: There is a significant positive correlation between running in the rain at 5:45 a.m. and melting.

Hypothesis 1 was not supported. No correlation was found.

Humans can't melt in rain.

When the temps. run 50 or above, the early hours are accompanied by light, and I'm capable of getting myself in bed before 10 p.m., there's a good chance I'll get up for a run; however, not so much if it's raining. Recently, I told my gf and running partner in crime this, and she retored with "What, are you going to melt?" Tough love. Well, this morning I put that question--verbal threat--to the test.

I stepped outside to an already damp atmosphere, but I didn't realize it was actually precipitating until I began to jog over to the park. And as I picked up the pace, turned the iPod on and entered the park, sure enough, it was raining. Maybe I should turn back. Running in cold rain could get me sick. Eh, maybe I'll just do one lap. Once I was done rationalizing with myself why I should truck on, it hit me, this whole running in the rain thing is kind of, well, nice. Hmm. I made it around the first lap of the park: my gray shirt became a marker of my time in the sprinkles, my face and legs took on an inspiring sheen, and I noticed droplets forming on the edges of my cap's brim; their little molecules clung tight with each pound before releasing to the stark pavement. By lap two I couldn't decide whether I had gotten used to this perpetual Maid of the Mist feeling or whether it had in fact stopped. Either way I was damp, so what did it matter?

Other than the occasional, unwelcome hint of worms in the air, I realized I can handle the rain. Now that I know I won't melt, I may have to come up with a new excuse.

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