today's randoms...

I should really stop putting my chewing gum on top of my travel coffee mug. It looks gross and I rarely stick it back in for a second teeth slamming.

The use of the serial comma in a simple series really bothers me.

I've been writing weekly nutritional and physical activity challenges for kids since September. I'm running out of ideas and ready to just post a "Choose Your Own Adventure Challenge" to cover the rest of May. I'd love to choose something like "King of the Hill" where the idea is to take over a mound of dirt or actual hill by, oh, I don't know, pushing the other children down it, but I don't think that will fly. For the nutritional challenge, I'm thinking of something like the following: "This week's challenge is to stop shoving your face with shit like candy bars, fat fries and beef patties. If you want to be a fat pudge of a kid, then fine, go right ahead. Otherwise, pick up a banana or something. What's wrong with you?"

I have to stop leaving my cell phone and gloves on my lap when riding in the car. I forget about them and then they meet the pavement when I depart my vehicle. If my cell phone could yell at me, it would scream expletives from its little speaker. It can't be pleasant to smash into concrete. Sorry celly. As for my gloves, I'm just glad they can't smack me across the face, because they would have done that by now, too, for the way I've treated them.

The use of a semicolon after "however" followed by a comma makes me smile.

I'm craving live music so badly that I'm actually going to see a band called "Deer Tick" tomorrow night. Yup. Just being at Mohawk Place with a vodka gimlet in one hand and a certain someone's hand in the other will make it a good night. So if the show is good, double bonus. I'll let you know.

It's finally happening. In 7 months time, I'll be eating biscuits and drinking tea, climbing the Eiffel tower and falling to my knees. In 7 months time, I'll be in Florence drinking wine and floating in a gondola feeling oh so fine. In 7 months time, I'll travel Europe with no fear and be downing Prague's tasty beer...

"...And there will be sun sun sun all over our bodies
And sun sun sun all down our necks
And there will be sun sun sun all over our faces
And sun sun sun so what the heck..."

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