book bound.

bookbinding is something i've always been curious about. how's it done? where does one start? the tri-main center here in b-lo happens to be a hop, skip and a jump away from my abode, and just also happens to house the buffalo arts studio. lucky me. through project create, courses are offered on everything from watercolor and acrylic painting to printmaking, pottery, assemblages and, yes, bookbinding. thanks to my talented and affable instructor, amy greenan, i was introduced to bookbinding, 101 style.

you can use anything from cotton thread or colorful embroidery thread 
to bookbinding thread. 

glue stick. check. needles. check. awl. check. straight edge. check. 
variety of material to work with. check.

book #1
first we learned a basic pamphlet stitch and then created soft covers for them.
(i used magazine ads and decorative scrapbook paper.)

using scrap, i created a fun little slip closure.

the japanese binding.
this binding is great to bind loose, single sheets.

the accordion fold.
this is an accordion with hardcover top and bottom.
i seriously can't wait to make a ton of fun little mini books this way...
among so many other things.

my own creation: a cardfolio
we learned basic hardcover assembly, as well as 
the making of portfolios. brilliant.

the end.

want to get your bind on? check these sites out:

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Amy Greenan said...

Hi Jessica! What a wonderful write-up describing your experience in the class -- and great photos, too! I really enjoyed having you and Adam in my class, and hope to run into you both again. Stay in touch!