monday's stream of words...one by one

Blacktop welcomes
four wheels round
Drive on, pass by
connect the dots...
one by one
"I just want to be ok, be ok, be ok..."
Shadows stretch
run them over...
one by one
Silent speed bumps
shake morning from my eyes
Bring the day anew
Blue born from brown
Suck me in, push me farther
Spit me out
someplace new
Right turn;
open road
Run the red;
question the green
Off to highway 101
spin 'em round
shake the night into my eyes
until my tank is done

Note: Today I planned a trip down the West Coast, highway 101, plane tickets and all. I like to plan trips, regardless of whether or not they'll actually happen; they're all possible. My adventures pile up; I'll get to them...soon...one by one.

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