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snow days should be built into all occupational benefits packages (not just for schools). yes, just like sick days, personal days and vacation days, there should be adult snow days. my reasoning: (1) travelling to work may cause harm to employees, (2) employees become less productive when weather is inclement (as they are only thinking about how they'd rather be at home) = loss of money, and (3) because who couldn't use a random mid-week break or maybe even a bonus long weekend?
and what is it about schools? so schools have kids, so what. is that the only difference? is it the waiting at the school bus in snot freezing cold that allows for a school day? my snot can freeze wiping off my car. i'm fragile too. my hands and feet are always freezing; cold weather just doesn't do my body good. but really, is it just those school bus kids that get everyone else a day of pj wearing, old movie watching, good book reading fun? no, i'm not bitter, not at all. i mean they get holidays off, sometimes weeks at a time, and the whole summer off, why not snow days too?!
okay so yes, yes it's snowing and yes i'm thinking about how i'd rather be at home. hmmm.

i miss the days of snow dances and school closings. maybe i should become a teacher.

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Adam said...

I vote yes for snow days! But only certain jobs can have them. Jobs like nurses and news reporters need to work especially during bad weather. But cartoonists and copywriters don't NEED to be in everyday. Maybe if we had unions as powerful as the teacher's union....