a papercut i'd like to have...

Rob Ryan is a British illustrator who, after fancying a change in 2002, began cutting paper as an art form. His creations can take him anywhere from "one to 200 hours" to complete. Recently this bloke opened his own shop: Ryantown. The shop, located in East London, sells everyday things like ceramic tiles and pillowcases all given a second life by jazzing them up with his own creative design. From CD packaging to a papercut dress for British Vogue, this dude is a cut above them all (hehe).
Bells Park

Birm Museum

This seriously may be one of the sweetest things I've ever seen. xo

Music Tears

This speaks to the music-obsessed bone in my body.

The way our environment is breaking down around us, I'm not so sure.

(I'm such a child.)

Papercut Dress
This totally beats any paper snowflake I ever made in grad school.

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