riding the wave of change.

Come on, everybody's doing it. Big names like Ben & Jerry and Pepsi are doing it, why not IKEA too? IKEA, the Swedish retailer of funky, functional home products has decided to embrace change. And they have done so visually, with a replica of the Oval Office, IKEA style, for all to see in the Main Hall of Union Station in Washington, D.C.

The New & Improved...


The Old & Drab

I'm a fan of change. Most of the time, change is hard. People don't like their organized and scheduled-to-the-minute lives to be swiped up and shaken around. But you know what, everyone can use a little change. So what if your shaken up pieces settle back down in a different order or in a different place. Maybe you'll be all the better for it. Switch things around and break out of habit. See the world in a different light. It's good for the soul. It releases the days from fast forward and allows them to play out, scene by scene, as they should.

Craving a little change yourself? Can't wait until Tuesday for it? Get your fill here by creating your very own alternative Oval Office with IKEA's interactive site. You can even send your design directly to the White House. Pretty rad right? I'm going to go put me up some bunk beds in that oval joint. Peace.

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