Gotta Love It

Snow.  How can you not enjoy it?  If it's going to be cold embrace it.  Go out in it.  Find the beauty it has to offer instead of dwelling on the negative.  So it's cold and wet, big deal.  There's so much more to that white stuff.  No flake is the same (something that will always amaze me), each one is a magical masterpiece from Mother Nature.  Last night, while watching the world go by with a glass of red wine, I watched the fattest, fluffiest snow fall. It was as if during the journey from cloud to ground, these flakes found one another and decided to enjoy the trip together: those enormous flakes were just hundreds of individual flecks of snow floating as one. I was convinced that I had become a part of some fixed holiday scene in a snow globe; I found myself lost in the moment. I love, what I call "snow globe snow": it looks like cotton balls and floats like feathers.  In fact, the snow last night was falling so slowly that my eyes could catch a falling flake and guide it down until it disappeared into the illuminated ground cover.  The picture below is one I took last night.  I was amused by how the lights inside reflected in the glass front, making it look as if the lights were strung across the street outside.  (Sorry for the quality, it's a camera phone shot.)

On the way home a trip to the co-op was in need to grab some apples.  I don't think I've gone a day without having at least one apple.  I'm a bit obsessed with the fruit...  As I approached the doors I was delighted--and a bit surprised--to see the bike racks outside being put to good use, very good use actually.  I believe there were more bikes there last night than I've ever seen, even throughout the summer months--very impressive Buffalo.  I love this city, not only for the food, the art, the free entertainment and hidden gems tucked in dark corners, but most of all, for the people: they don't let snow stop their way of life.  

Bike on Buffalo!

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