Evil Green Pen

My evil green pen of choice.

It's late. I'm exhausted. I've been proofreading all day. Proofing health care jargon, all written in mumbo, jumbo legal throw up. At least I have my handy sidekick, the evil green pen, to keep me company. Really it could be worse. I could scribble my edits in red. But I choose green. Green looks prettier against the white pages, plus I've always thought red looks way too harsh. Wouldn't you agree? I mean come on. Those of you who use the red marker, give it a break. Who do you think you are? Try a different color. I bet you'll like it. Better yet, I bet you'll find yourself smiling a bit more too.

Okay, so maybe my pen isn't evil, it just sounds cooler "evil green pen" arrrhhh.

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