what do you miss most?

is it the seasonal fruit, the freedom to cruise the steets on two wheels, the alfresco meals, or the trading in of bare legs for cover? the time has come again for that seasonal shift most of us endure. from summer to fall and fall to winter, there are things i miss, but at the same time, what's given up is replaced by something gained.
i welcome layers. i prefer boots. i enjoy being cozy warm on bone-chilling days. i can do without fresh strawberries. i can make picnics inside and i can cruise the streets on my own two feet--or with my two cc skis and pair of poles when called for. but the one thing, the lone pleasure that the warm weather offers, the something that i let go of hesitantly and wish to hold on to, is something so basic, so simple, but so contentful: hanging my laundry on the clothesline to dry. one rope. multiple wooden pins. i like my clothes dried with a kiss of sun. i like the smell of the outdoors mingled within their threads. i enjoy enjoying the little things.
what is it for you?


Wendy said...

Oh my goodness! I think our minds are linked. I have been working on a post about treasuring little moments. Some similar thoughts going on :-). You must be my soul sister. I loved that post! What a positive outlook on the changing of the seasons. Your words give me a new appreciation for things that I love.

Wendy said...

I meant to say before that the picture for this post is amazing! Did you take that? I really like it. I think it is wonderful when a picture can provoke the same feelings as the words.