tylenol mixed with a mix.

regardless of my not-so-well state, i ventured out to see metric begin their U.S. tour right here in my fine city, the city of b-lo. a london-based band, the band of skulls, began the night with some old school rock sounds. a classic trio: a bassist (who's a chic, which i love), a guitarist, and a drummer. as we entered the town ballroom i could hear "i know what i am," a song that i feel is completely jam worthy, barreling down the corridor.

Band of Skulls - I Know What I Am

Band of Skulls | MySpace Video

then emily haines and her boys took to the stage and rocked out some of my fav metric tunes...

and just a favorite...

what i learned at the show: tylenol with a rum and diet gives a surprising buzz (this combo was not created for said effect, it's just the facts), the band of skulls' guitarist has want-to-be-kurt-cobain hair, and emily haines is crazy and is down with flaunting back cleavage--probably because she has none to offer in the front (again, just the facts folks, besides who doesn't know these things about her?).

from one good time to another...cheers!

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Wendy said...

I hear ya on the tylanol, rum, and diet thing! Similar things going on here. Feel better!
<3 ya!