music coma...

i'm hearing songs. they sound familiar. i ask myself where did you hear this before? i come up with no answer. was it spinner, vimeo, npr, pitchfork? blllaaaaaah. does it really matter? no.

Pearl and the Beard

Listen to "Oh Death."
 (I really don't remember if it's the stereotype of British speaking folks or whether they really did use the word "bloody" while I was in London that makes me what to add a "bloody" in between "Oh" and "Death.")

Apparently these subway riders aren't amused by the live entertainment. For the record, I would have been...and I would have clapped at the end, too.

Listen to "Mostly A Friend" by Lesser Gonzalez Alvarez

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Wendy said...

I love coming to your site for my music fix. You have a true talent for finding music, among many others! You should start a site selling your prints. I think it is not to hard. I have a family member who does using a specific site that I think does most of the work for you. You prob just provide the digital image. I'll look into it if you want. I want that picture of cloths on the line shadow on the fence. Perfect for a laundry area. Also a reminder to go green. Happy weekend <3