today is the day. today i will finally finish my graduate degree. for the past year i have had one 3-credit course looming over my head like a rain cloud that just wouldn't pass. today the sun will finally shine. for the past year, every time i made mention of my master's degree it came with a dislcaimer: "after one more course, i'll officially be done." today that disclaimer will be removed. although i will regain my life back, the part that wants to sew, build and create, i'll admit, the nerd in me will miss going to class: i was thrilled at the idea of gathering my folder, notebook and writing utensil on that first day of class a month ago. i like to learn. maybe another degree sits on the distant horizon. if there is to be a next time, it will include a topic i'm deeply passionate about. but for now, i'll continue to take odd classes to give my brain a workout. and maybe once my brain decides what it really wants to think about for another 27+ years to keep me happy and pay the bills, maybe then i'll go back once more. for now, i will just bask in the glory of holding an MS. for i, i am now officially a master. i like the way that sounds.
ketchup please.

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Mollie said...

i loved your soliloquy on finishing your masters :) congratulations! success is yours! for now you are free from the conflict between free will and determinism . . .atleast until your next academic endeavor :)
brava chica brava!