captured in an instant.

my nostalgic nature makes photography a dangerous hobby: the act of capturing a moment in time on a piece of paper is habit-forming--the whole concept has always been two much for my mind to wrap its stems around. in the past month i've dusted off my old 35 minolta, finished a roll of b&w film and started up on another. the next object of my affection came in tandem: the polaroid camera. the finish, the colors, the bleeds, and the effects expired film can give you make me want to dance barefoot. i need it, i want it and poladroid only has acted as a lousy, falsified quick fix. Like a lingering kiss that's holding back the urge to make out, like the running start to a free-fall cliff jump, or like the leak of a single to a long anticipated EP, i've got the build up, now i just need the release. my mind's imagines of the world have turned into shots that can only rise to their full potential in front of a polaroid lens.

my affection became desire last night as my new friend and neighbor, david saracino, brought over a backpack full of his instant photography toys. one after the other, one sx-70, two sx-70s, three sx-70s...what?! then he busted out a polaroid 340 and a 690 with the SONAR based autofocus and i had to manually push my trap closed with my index finger. thanks david for feeding the fire. go ahead toss another log on. and he did, by showing me polanoid.

so it's been decided. the hunt shall begin for the metal and leather made sx-70. the film for these gems, well, that shit ain't cheap. i'm going to have to start a piggy bank for film money. the sx-70 will be my "special occasions" camera. it will travel to europe with me. it will take portraits of old men in scarves and pretty ladies in heels and over-sized sunglasses. it will take shots of abandoned bicycles in alleyways and half eaten baguettes beside bottles of wine. it will take more than one treasured moment, and capture it in an instant.


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