streetside salvageable.

A few weeks ago I was walking through my neighborhood on my way to meet up with my girlfriend for one of our afternoon park walks. On the way, I spotted these cozy chairs advertising themselves on the curb; a "Free furniture" sign stood at the opposite corner. I left them, met up with my friend and dragged her off course to show her my find. We made a deal: If they were still there after our walk they would come home with me...with her help. And 45 mins. later, when the walk ended, we popped back down the side street, the place holding the residence that broke them in, the same one that then decided to toss them out. They were still there, so we swept them up and proceeded to walk two blocks with them to my place. Double bonus: two new chairs, a great arm workout.

Today I began giving these seats a new life, one that is bright and cheery. With a little sanding, a little priming, and a lot of white glossy spray paint they're on their way. Refinishing I can do, however, I have no idea how to reupholster chairs. I suppose I'll be learning soon enough--or at least my own version of how it's done. Stay tuned to see how that goes. I'm not making any promises...

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