teeny tale: letting go, while hanging on

things will be okay she said. just hang on, you’ll see, time will heal everything. but that’s the problem I said. & she asked, what, time? partly. why don’t they make watches with the word now on the face. it would make it so much easier to read. & it's the hanging on part, that needs to change, too. I’m just scared to let go. of time, she asked? well sorta, that & some other stuff I’ve kept around that you can’t see. & as we walked down the street she promised to hold my hand for as long as I needed. she said, just in case at any moment you decide to drop whatever it is you’re carrying in your other hand that I can’t see, you’ll still have me to hold on to in this hand; you can let go without falling, I promise. & it was then that I realized she couldn't see what I was carrying, because what I was carrying couldn't be carried on the outside. but i kept holding her hand because it felt nice, & we walked on without a care for where we were headed or how long it would take us to get there.


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I love you and this post. -Christine