Full Circle

Wow. Me, know a song before it was posted on NPR, say what? Yes, it's sad but true: it doesn't happen too often. NPR drops tiny tune treasures into my inbox each day, and most of them I've never heard of. I'll give myself some credit and say that every couple of e-mails there will be a song I've at least heard of or have been meaning to listen to, or I'll recognize the name of the band but not the song featured. Today, I was excited, too excited, that the NPR song of the day was a song (Psychic City by YACHT) that I had scratched down on a Post-it note that had been sitting on my desk since last week. (Side note: Post-it notes around my desk mostly consist of nothing to do with work, rather they have band names and songs scribbled sideways on them...some in green pen, some in pencil and some in pen.) Another daily e-mail that graces my in-bin, and the one that lead me to finding said song, is Daily Candy. And yes, it is kind of like candy, but the kind of candy you can't eat, sort of like eye candy. At some point last week I watched this video: You Spin Me Round, Baby. Not only did I fall in love with the two songs playing in the background, I even fell in love, okay, well, I developed a girl crush on the chick who makes the hula hoops from Circle Candy for the hoopilates classes. If hoopilates was offered in Buffalo I would totally take the class. It looks way too fun and secretly, I really want to be able to bust a move with one like the cute girl does at the end of the above vid. Although, I'm not really sure where I'd be dancing with a hula hoop...someone's bound to lose an eye.

Here's the other song from the hoopilates vid that I enjoyed and scribbled down 
(she's super cute, too, isn't she?):
Theresa Andersson: "Birds Fly Away"

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