haircuts all throughout the town...

(photo from my seat. watercolor layer in photoshop--noticeable when enlarged.)

it's been a good night so far: the sabres won a hockey game, the beer was cold, i managed to keep warm, there were pretzel rods at the bar, and i got some fun shots (photos, not alcoholic). the following photos (once again taken with my shitty camera phone) highlight a select group of sabres goers who i found were in need of a serious trim, as well as our city's prized gem, the trees, and the trim they received after the dreaded "October Storm" of '07 that left them bare and broken.  i still find them beautiful pieces of art, long limbed or not.

our trees trimmed...

our people untrimmed...

the sabres' mohawk.

the sabres' bowl cut.

the sabres' frow.

p.s. i'm secretly envious of those who have the ability to grow a frow. i'd have one if i could. 
no joke.

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