teeny tale: brighter view

she was a collector. besides the obvious saddlebags brimming with time & memories, she collected things: from coffee mugs & vintage tea cloths to gold chains & antique brooches. new to this incomplete list: large-framed sunglasses. a pair from the west. a pair for the east. both became final add-ons; polishing off outfits effortlessly, as their primary task was in fact to shield the sun's rays. both answered the demand upon them justly. that said, it was the orange heptagon-shaped frames that leaked a bit o'sunshine, even while she was trying to block it out. it gave her eyes a sparkle, as they graced each eye with their own gleaming ring o'sun. even on overcast days, the days one's face could go sans masking, she carried on her daily routine with sunshine upon her face. the sun of her eyes traveled to her lips & spread its rays there, too. & even on the dreariest of dank days, she & those who passed her enjoyed a bright view.

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Wendy Irene (Give Love Create Happiness) said...

Aww, I love this, the glasses and the picture!