a well kept secret.

Horse Feathers.

I can count on one hand the shows I've seen that have truly touched my inner being. That have made me shutter. That have brought an actual tear to my eye. Tonight, upon my ring finger, Horse Feathers was added to that only-by-invitation, VIP list. What's more, I was one of only a small gathering of no more than 50 souls--if that. Don't get me wrong, I absolutely prefer to have that intimate of a show. It's just that I can't get over how well kept of a secret they are; if you thought iron-on hem tape was something, that using hair lotion to tame your wild tresses would change your world, or that using a coffee filter to sift out broken cork from that not-so-cleanly-popped bottle of vino was the idea that would crack the earth you stand upon, you were sadly mistaken.

Maybe I'm a bit musically infatuated. But if part of you can't be touched by music in a way that leaves you practically without words, well, I am sorry for you. Luckily for me, I can. And I was. Tonight. By a band called Horse Feathers. They are precise. They take their music seriously. Personally. What they do is bestow a gift upon others. A true beaut of a gift, found in the collaboration of these four lovely souls. I thank them. For their visit to Buffalo. For their supremely, awe-inspiring lyrics and music. For sharing the sound they make with me. With you. With us.

And a special thanks to the person, website or conversation that introduced me to this band, as they/it shared a well kept secret with me. Sometimes secrets are meant to be shared...

Listen to Horse Feathers' cover of Gillian Welch's Orphan Girl (thanks to www.soundonthesound.com).

Check out Horse Feathers' MySpace page.

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Wendy Irene said...

I can feel your heart through your words! :) Thanks for sharing your secret!