teeny tale: north, south, east and west

she walked outside, noticing it was the time of year for new beginnings; color was returning to the ground. damp leaves, left covered by winter’s snowfall, crisped in the spring sunshine & took to life—snapping this way, then that way, lead by quick bouts of confident breeze. if the leaves could change direction so easily, why couldn’t she? but it was easy to realize why: with no mind of their own to second guess, and no sense of reason to weigh out the pros & cons, they just go where the wind directs them. i suppose i’ll have to lose my mind before i can go wherever the wind may take me, she thought. & then she noticed a leaf that had been blown upon a near by pond. it rode along, smoothly, but still in a direction not of its own. she decided then, that she liked having her mind, & even more so, she liked that it could take her in any direction that she chose.

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Wendy Irene said...

Jessie, that photo holds so many words.