teeny tale: it's shades of gray

she decorated her house in only black & white because it was easier to view her world that way. but as she began to understand life & all its complexities she decided to choose one room at a time to paint a shade of gray. because she realized her black & white world was far too simple of an answer for such a complex question. 

Addition: For me, one of the two things I value most in life is first, good friendship, and second, the ability to be inspired and to inspire others (does that count as three?). I'm lucky enough to have found that in a friendship that has stood the test of time (since grade 2). This relationship continues to blossom over the years, one that sits snuggly in a corner of my heart, but that is never, ever forgotten.

Most recently, this friend, Wendy, started a blog of her own: GiveLoveCreateHappiness. From healthy recipes, to sweet stories of "little sister" and "big brother," and reminders and tips on how to enjoy the little things in life, I've found reading her blog to put my mind at ease and help me appreciate all that life has to offer. She's been an avid follower of my own blog and a big advocate of my "teeny tales," which continues to thrill me. It's because of her kind words and support that I find myself continuing to post the few things that I do, so thanks Wend ;) 

It was after an East to West Coast phone call, in which we found ourselves talking about paint colors, that I wrote this teeny tale. I told Wendy that it was our talk that inspired putting these words together. So, being one of creative thought herself, and building off of our many talks over the years of how great it would be to work together, Wendy proposed we do just that. Every now and then, when and if the moment strikes us, we'll pull from each other's passion for life, love, happiness, and creative--and some times running--thoughts and punctuate something...together. As such, this joint collaboration may have no set name, no set schedule, no set rules, but rather be a spontaneous creation, brought on by friendship and inspiration.

View a sample of this "spontaneity" with it's shades of gray: Part 2.


Wendy said...

I love it!!! And what is so interesting is that I have been thinking about painting our main living space a shade of gray, ha! No joke, I think you can read minds :-) Love ya

Wendy Irene said...

Awww Jess :) I am touched beyond words, other than to say thank you for your inspiration and true friendship. I love you girl!