teeny tale: twinkle, twinkle

i had a dream you were a star, he said. i can’t stop thinking about how bright you were: brighter than any star my eye could spy. no you didn’t, really? she asked. who was i? a singer? an actress? tell me, tell me. no silly, not that kind of star, the kind in the sky, he said. well, that’s a little odd isn’t it, you, dreaming of me, as a giant exploding ball of plasma? lovely. where’s your imagination? he asked. did it ever occur to you that maybe, just maybe, you, as a star, could represent a form of connectedness between the many miles that separate us? you know, kind of like the idea that we can both look at the same moon while standing in different places. well yes, & i do just love that thought, she said. well, if you were a star, i could see you every night. & if you were a falling star, you could fall down right beside me. & if we were both stars she said, we could shoot across the sky & meet each other, too. hmm, now i see. & to think i’ve always been wishing on a star when in fact i should be wishing to be one. & before he hung up, he said, but you already are a star, my star, & you always have been. how else do you think I found you?

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Wendy said...

took my breath away...that was truly amazing. I can't get enough teeny tales, I'm addicted!