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Apparently I had once thought blogging would be an interesting "something."  A hobby, maybe a creative outlet but then I guess I changed my mind: I found when signing up for this Blog that I had started the process only to abandon it after the initial step. After months without giving it a thought, here I am again. I by no means have any intention of creating some narcissistic world of copy. What's brought me back to this blogging concept is more or less a desire to learn. Learn from myself. Learn from others.  Document my thoughts so that I may reflect on them at a later time. Thoughts Punctuated will be my digital version of the little floral notepad with elastic closure I stow away in my shoulder bag until something unexpected and new brings me to pull it out and jot or draw something down. A documentation of a memory I hope to never forget. A new word that hasn't yet made it to my internal vocab. list. Or words to a song, that song, the song that keeps flashing itself at me without revealing who and what it really is.  But with the lyrics scribbled haphazardly upon those little nude pages, I know a Google search of the lyrics will connect us...finally.  

And I suppose this blog will also provide a creative outlet. One for word doodlings, experimentation with computer graphics programs and possibly a home for some of my photos.  I have no real expectations, hopes or desires.  I like that.  It's liberating.  It's refreshing.  Sort of like a no- strings-attached relationship.  Hmm.

Enough babble.  The images I've posted are a result of my need for creative expression this weekend.  Nothing fancy. But it was fun and it did the trick.  "The Best American Essays of the Century" by Joyce Carol Oates is a wonderful collection of essays from the twentieth century's most beloved writers, and it just so happens to contain within its pages "The Figure a Poem Makes" by Robert Frost.  I've been enamored with it lately.  And I find the figure his poem makes completely and utterly sexy.  Words are sexy to me. Words strung together in harmony even more sexy.  I wanted to take his words and visually  shape them.  Give them sex appeal.  

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Anonymous said...

Let me be the first to say that I love to see your thoughts in print. You certainly have a way with words and creative expression. I will "absitively, posolutely" (extra points for you if you can remember where that phrase is from) be a follower of Thoughts Punctuated!